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We are active promoters of European values.

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We provide expertise on European policies and programmes.

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We provide consulting and IT solutions for SMARTer cities.

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We are ardent believers in the power of social innovation.

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OTB EUROPE is a company whose main aim is to empower clients to gain and effectively manage grants, improve their performances in policy initiatives and build sustainable partnerships. We are an enthusiastic, efficient, straight-forward and professional bunch driven by the motto “Old ways won’t open new doors”. We bring together different actors working on social innovation, striving to create and shape novel policies in social entrepreneurship, social cohesion, open digital environment and further enhancement of the European project.

OTB EUROPE’s mission is to become a platform for think-tank transfer of expertise on European policies and programmes along with the promotion of European values in order to fortify the European project.

OTB EUROPE’s vision is an innovative Europe with equal access to democratic and social life for all, unified by solidarity and driven by a vigorous economy based on social values. We believe that the future belongs to creative-thinking, innovation, and active civic participation all of which are bound to make our societies better, more sustainable and just.

OTB EUROPE’s values:
We are a service for our clients, not friends, family or partners. We help our clients to reach goals which are our goals too.

We provide answers, solutions and services defined by timely communication and contracts with clients.

Ethical treatment!
Profit is important, but only if it serves the right purpose. We refuse any profit made by misusing human or natural resources.

If we can’t provide a service we won’t make any kind of written or spoken commitment. For us making mistakes is part of working and learning experience.

Being European!
We are proud to be truly European, and not just on paper! We believe in the dream of a peaceful Europe.

Being successful and celebrating it!
We enjoy making business, but also celebrating our every success.

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  • Rua Luis Camoes, lote 26 r/c dt
  • 8000-388 Faro, Portugal
  • r. +32 495 948 417
  • e. info@otbeurope.com

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