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A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of being part of the final meeting of the Diffability Project, and we are thrilled to share the exciting highlights from this meaningful last gathering. The general aim of the project is to address the needs, empower, and raise the capacity and competences of Differently Abled Students and practitioners through the introduction of accessible remote learning curricula dedicated to HEI students with hearing/vision impairments.

Taking place on the 16th and 17th of November in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, the meeting served as a hub for partners to discuss achievements, showcase key deliverables, and plan for the successful conclusion of the project.

The collaboration among partners from Lithuania, Slovenia, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and Turkey created a dynamic discussion around education and accessibility. This exchange of ideas, good practices, skills, and experiences is shaping the landscape for differently-abled students. Each organization contributed specific knowledge, gaining fresh insights from fellow partners. Furthermore, the skills acquired during transnational activities will pave the way for future projects, fostering sustainable cooperation, strengthening the project’s impact on a European level and promoting collaboration among organizations working with relevant institutions.

Day 1: 16th November

TPM3 Agenda Presentation: The day kicked off with the presentation of the TPM3 Agenda at Ljubljana’s Social Sciences Faculty, setting the tone for the engaging discussions ahead.

Results Overview: Project partners presented and discussed the outcomes of their work packages, offering a comprehensive overview of key deliverables such as the “DIFFABILITY Service Pack for HEIs and Employers,” “DIFFABILITY Curricula,” “DIFFABILITY Transition Pack,” “Policy and Sustainability,” and “Community of Practice and Dissemination.”

Introductory Videos and Best-Practice Sharing: Engaging introductory videos for each deliverable were shared, highlighting the target audience, content, format, and potential alternatives. Partners also exchanged best-practice examples, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Coffee Break and Lunch: Networking opportunities were plentiful during the coffee break and lunch, allowing partners to connect, share insights, and strengthen their collaborative bonds.

Multiplier Events Discussion: In the afternoon, discussions shifted to Multiplier Events, addressing target groups, program content, and reporting documents, showcasing the project’s commitment to broader outreach.

Dinner in Ljubljana: The day concluded with a delightful dinner at a local venue, providing a taste of Slovenian cuisine and fostering a relaxed atmosphere for informal discussions and team building.

Day 2: 17th November

Project Dissemination: The morning of the second day focused on project dissemination, emphasizing reaching a wider audience and ensuring the lasting impact of the Diffability project.

Project Quality Assurance and Final Report: Discussions delved into project quality assurance and the final project report, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high standards in project delivery.

Coffee Break and Final Discussions: A short coffee break preceded final discussions, addressing the last assignments, budget management, and other crucial aspects to ensure the project’s successful closure.


The Diffability Project’s final meeting was a demonstration of the dedication and collaboration of all partners involved. As we approach the conclusion of this transformative initiative, we express our gratitude for the hard work and commitment.

Thank you all for your continued support and contribution to the success of the Diffability Project!

This kind of endeavour transcends projects, embodying a collective push towards a future that celebrates diverse abilities, fosters inclusivity, and strengthens digital skills, leaving no one behind.

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