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DIFFABILITY: HE Curricula & Transition Programme Empowering Students with Different Abilities”

OTB is proud to announce the approval of the DIFFABILITY project. The project objective is to offer an innovative service for remote curricula and study to WBL transition in the HEI that uses best practices of already existing curricula, ICT tools and remote learning programs in order to build a suite of embedded learning educational resources to build key transversal skills of Differently-abled Students in Entrepreneurship. Some of the topics addressed within the project will be:

– Building inclusive higher education systems;

– Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education;

– Digital Transformation (Post COVID-19 Recovery);

– Remote Learning systems and Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices.

The EU has launched the Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030, which intends to tackle the challenges faced by persons with disabilities at EU and Member State level. The goal is to ensure the rights and opportunities of persons with disabilities in Europe, regardless of their sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation; and that is precisely what this project will contribute too. It will address the needs of differently-abled students for a remote accessible curricula, and transition from studies to WBL opportunities and entrepreneurship. It will raise the capacity and competences of differently-abled students and practitioners through the introduction of an accessible remote learning curricula dedicated to HE students with hearing / vision impairments. This will raise the awareness of stakeholders working within the field of HEI, Entrepreneurship and CSO of the value of remote accessible curricula.

The project will last 18 months and will be implemented by 7 partners: VYTAUTO DIDZIOJO UNIVERSITETAS (Lithuania); UNIVERZA V LJUBLJANI (Slovenia); OTB Europe (Portugal); Italienische Handelskammer München-Stuttgart Camera di Commercio Italo – Tedesca (Germany); CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE BELGO-ITALIENNEASBL (Belgium); Egitimde Gorme Engelliler Dernegi (Turkey); TURKIYE GENCLIK BIRLIGI DERNEGI (Turkey).

Source: https://craftycuttersvg.com/product/we-all-have-different-abilities/

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