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OTB team is proud to announce that the project: “Production and marketing of Organic Olives and Olive oil: EcoOlives” has been approved.

EcoOlives aims to enhance the competitiveness of the EU olive farmers and olive oil producers through the development of their potential for production and promotion of organic olives and olive oil. As a result, the trainees will be able to create or discover new possibilities for the promotion of their organic olives and olive oil and the expansion of their market share.

The main target groups therefore are , (a) olive growers and olive oil producing companies wishing to shift to organic farming, (b) new olive and olive oil entrepreneurs who do not come from the agricultural world, and (c) multi-skilled farmers who can make an interesting supplementary production if they allow the reuse of the traditional (old) olive groves.

EcoOlives will provide specific guidance to all traditional olive oil producers on how they can differentiate their business by turning to the production of organic olives and olive oil. At the same time, the project aims to contribute to a better understanding of the importance of olive and olive groves as part of the cultural, gastronomic, and landscape heritage of the southern regions of Europe.

As a result, the EcoOlives project shall envisage the development of a thorough and interactive course in OO&OO with the following intellectual outputs: (IO1) a didactic methodology, (IO2) a training course on production and marketing of OO&OO, (IO3) a manual for trainers, (IO4) a platform with interactive repository section; and (IO5) a guide on certification of organic olives and olive oil and utilization of olive groves’ potential.

The EcoOlives project will be implemented by 6 partners from 6 countries: Germany (ITALCAM), Italy (GAL MOLISE), Portugal (OTB Europe), Cyprus (EUROSC), Bulgaria (AVA), and Spain (Municipality of La Palma del Condado).


We are happy to partner up for this amazing and interesting project and we are looking forward to its development.

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