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Our first event, a panel discussion held in Faro, brought together 25 individuals, including policymakers and stakeholders. The active involvement of the young FinFluencer trained by OTB added a dynamic element, as she conducted three insightful talks in the municipality of Olhão, Faro.
Discussions included  the significant achievements and impactful outcomes of the project, emphasizing the transformative effects observed among young people in the municipality of Olhão – Faro. The FinFluencer shared her experiences, enhancing the impact of the project.

The event offered a comprehensive overview of the entire project, ensuring that all participants were well-informed about its outputs and objectives. The inclusion of a dynamic Q&A session added an interactive dimension, allowing for a deeper understanding of the project’s insights.

Following the panel discussion (1st event), we adapted to the circumstances, organising a workshop-style event on October 31st. Despite not reaching our initial target, this event successfully engaged 15 youth workers in a non-traditional format. Conducted by the same FinFluencer trained by OTB, the workshop unveiled the project’s objectives. Insights were shared regarding the concerns among young people, particularly addressing the overwhelming feelings stemming from the EU economic context. The workshop aimed to inspire individuals aged 19 to 29 to proactively learn and navigate financial management, a crucial aspect of the project’s mission.

The interactive activities within the workshop delved into the primary concerns of the youth workers, fostering a collaborative environment. Additionally, impactful talks previously conducted in Olhão served as examples for inspiring and engaging the youth. These talks demonstrated practical approaches to empowering young individuals in making informed financial decisions.

Our aim was to bring together 40 participants, and although we didn’t quite reach that number in the first event, the success and impact of both events speak for themselves. The careful planning and positive feedback highlight the effectiveness of our efforts. 

As we reflect on these events, it is clear that our commitment to empowering and educating the youth remains essential, and we look forward to the continued success of our initiatives.


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