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On September 8, 2023, a significant policy event titled “European Student Card (ESC): Where are we and where we want to be?” took place at Mundo Madou in Brussels, Belgium. The event served as an essential stage for education policymakers, university representatives, and stakeholders to discuss the current state and future prospects of the European Student Card Initiative (ESCI).

The main objective of the event was to present the findings of a draft report prepared between March and August 2023, with a specific focus on the ESC initiative’s current status and how smaller initiatives, including the “ESC PRO project,” could contribute to the successful implementation of ESC and the digitalization of Erasmus+.

The project will be jointly implemented by 6 partners: European Students’ Union, International Student Identity Card, Global Youth and Student Community, Federation of Estonian Student Unions, Agency of the Council of Higher Education Institutions, and Out of The Box Europe.

The event aimed to gather relevant stakeholders for open discussions, collaboration, and networking, all in an effort to shape the future of European higher education.

In this event, opening remarks were brought by distinguished and knowledgeable speakers, including:

  • Tanguy Guibert, Vice-President, European Students Union (ESU);
  • Marko Paunović, Out of the Box Europe;
  • Vito Borrelli, Team Leader of the Erasmus+ Programme Team in the Higher Education Unit, DG EAC;
  • Jeroen Van Lent, NTT DATA;
  • António Soeiro, NTT DATA;
  • Katrīna Sproģe, Policy and Research Officer, European University Foundation;
  • Milos Milenković, Chairman of the ISIC Association’s Board of Directors;

All of these mentioned above, shared their insights during the event.

These opening remarks provided context, highlighted key themes, and engaged the audience, such as:

Understanding the ESC Initiative: An expert in European higher education delivered insights into the ESC PRO project’s importance, emphasizing its role in engaging higher education institutions and students in discussions regarding ESC.

Navigating the ESC Landscape: An experienced representative provided an insightful overview of the current status of the European Student Card Initiative (ESCI) and its three essential components: the Erasmus+ App, Erasmus Without Paper, and the European Student Card. They discussed how initiatives like ESC PRO could assist key stakeholders in achieving ESC’s goals.

In this dynamic panel discussion “European Student Card (ESC): Where are we and where we want to be?”, stakeholders explored the complexities and opportunities surrounding ESC and its future. The panel brought together individuals with expertise in European higher education policy, digitalization, and student mobility.

The event concluded with a networking session and a celebration marking the 70th anniversary of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This celebration highlighted ISIC’s pivotal role in supporting student mobility and access to educational opportunities.

The “European Student Card (ESC): Where are we and where we want to be?” policy event provided a platform for stakeholders to evaluate the progress of the ESC initiative and discuss strategies for its continued development. By fostering collaboration and dialogue among individuals with deep expertise in the field, this event marked a significant step toward a more streamlined, digital, and inclusive future for European higher education.

As ESCI evolves, it holds the potential to revolutionize the educational experience for students and institutions, bridging the digital divide and enhancing opportunities for all involved in European higher education.

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