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Great news for OTB Europe! The ESC ACADEMY PRO project has been approved under the ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PCOOP-ENGO call for proposals!

Over 4,000 institutions of higher learning in 37 countries participate in Erasmus+ mobilities, but not all of them enjoy the same level of IT infrastructure or skills. The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey from 2018 shows that only 39% of educators in the EU feel well prepared for using digital tools. The ESC ACADEMY PRO project aims at building up the transition towards the adoption of the ESC initiative by improving the digital capacities of HE actors.

The specific objectives are (1) to develop a needs analysis assessment of the grass-root and policy practices at the national level on HE actors (associations, HEI and students) related to the digitalisation of Erasmus+ and the ESC, (2) to create capacity building training

activities to promote, disseminate and implement the ESC initiative in association with HEI and students, (3) to foster the capacity of the associations (ISIC and ESU) to encourage the digitalisation of Erasmus+, (4) to promote the project’s outputs by boosting the ESC initiative, and (5) to create and put in place the relevant policy mechanisms for the promotion of the European values and the acquisition of digital skills in the European Education Area.

The activities will involve: Project Management and Coordination (WP1), State-of-the-Art analysis (WP2), Capacity Building (WP3), Dissemination and Promotion (WP4), and Policy and Sustainability (WP5).

The results will showcase the experience of HE stakeholders in European value promotion, the ESC initiative, digital competencies, and student participation. By building the capacity of the national member organisations, the project will foster the acquisition of digital skills related to the digitalisation of Erasmus+.

The impact will be directly measured on to what extent the target groups (290 students and 526 member associations, 228 HEIs, and 120 policymakers) are reached.

The project will be carried out by partners from Belgium (ESU, Coordinator), Denmark (ISIC Association), France (GYSC), Estonia (FESU), Czechia (SK RVŠ) and Portugal (OTB Europe).

The project will be funded under the Erasmus+ ENGO Cooperation call and will last for 24 months

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