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  • 2020-2022: “Social Radio 2.0: The European School Radio and Podcasting Community for Active Citizenship Education”

    The project “Social Radio 2.0: The European School Radio and Podcasting Community for Active Citizenship Education” aims to introduce a holistic educational approach that will support schools and teachers foster citizenship education combining innovative pedagogies (project-based and experiential learning, design-thinking) with the extensive use of new media and technology. Particularly, leveraging on the power of radio broadcasting and podcasting, our project envisions to integrate citizenship education in school curricula in an effective and engaging way and create an interactive space where young students become agents of change. More specifically our project envisages to:

    • Offer an innovative school radio and podcasting curriculum that will guide students throughout an exciting and engaging journey on how to discuss, reflect upon and advocate for
      community issues they care about. Following a design-thinking approach, students from the 5 partner countries (Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal) will be empowered to
      become changemakers, research on community problems, collaborate with media and community actors and work on their own projects as community roving reporters.
    • Develop a holistic and flexible teachers’ training programme and provide a practical resource bank that will improve teachers’ competences in teaching citizenship education, increase
      their confidence in using innovative methodologies and digital tools such as radio and podcasts and support students on how to reflect upon their community engagement.
    • Develop the Social Radio 2.0 online platform and application (web and mobile) aiming to become a transnational point of reference and a huge repository in terms of learning resources and best practices of school radio and podcasting as engaging tools for active citizenship. We also aspire to foster the first-ever European-wide online community of teachers, students and schools who use school radio and podcasting to promote civic engagement among adolescents.

    Furthermore, with this project we want to contribute to the enforcement of an emergent Pan European student’s and schools community that advocate and fight for a better society.

    Project Website: http://socialradio.europeanschoolradio.eu/

    The coordinating partner in the project is the Polish school Szkoła Podstawowa nr 5 im.Janusza Kusocińskiego w Świdniku and other partners are the European School Radio (Greece), Stimmuli for Social Change (Greece), the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus (Cyprus), the OT (Portugal) and CEIP LOS ALBARES (Spain).

    The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ KA2 Programme of the European Commission.

  • 2020-21: The InterMEDs – Fostering ‘Intercultural MEDiators’

    Description: TheInterMEDs – Fostering ‘Intercultural MEDiators’ as a practice for establishing communities coalition and mutual understanding is built on the special training of members of both communities, either local ones or migrant communities to be these InterMEDs, the individuals who will act as specific intermediators between the exchange of different cultures, with the key-skills of social responsibility and intercultural understanding and the skills to use all forms of promotion, such as arts, culture, media, training for the enhancement of respect, tolerance, cooperation, and communities coalition. The project includes 8 partners (PESHKAR, OTB EUROPE, PANTEION, CAMINOS, Mindshift, CSI, XPCSA, CID) from 6 countries (UK, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, North Macedonia).

  • 2017 – Staff Training: Developing ICT Skills and European Dimension of work plan

    The aim of the course is to develop competences of the staff to manage Internet educational platforms, and develop educational courses online. It will also support our organisation to fully engage within the digital era, and provide online educational programme for adult learners. Participating staff will learn how to develop webinars and online courses within their education programmes/centres and organisations.

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