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On the 26th of September, the 3rd financial talk from the Finfluencers project occurred in the municipality of Olhão, Faro – Portugal. In this talk, key concepts of investing were introduced. This talk wasn’t just an ordinary gathering, it was the last talk of a 3 talk series that provided an enlightening journey into the world of finance and investing.

This gathering was an exploration of fundamental investment concepts. Participants were questioned about their knowledge and questions such as “What is investing?” and “What are the various investment methods available?” were brought to the conversation.  These inquiries sparked a lively and informative discussion that filled the room with enthusiasm and curiosity.

The exchange of insights and knowledge among the participants was what brought dynamic to these youngster talks. As diverse perspectives converged, a rich and necessary debate emerged, promoting know-how on investing and personal finance.

To unravel the mysteries of digital currency, the talk welcomed a special guest via Zoom – cryptocurrency investor, Ehsan Norouzi.

Ehsan Norouzi, an expert in the domain of investing, offered his insights into the vast world of cryptocurrencies. With clarity and expertise, he explained the workings of the digital coin universe, its practical applications, the advantages it offers, and the potential dangers and disadvantages of its use.

The third Financial Talk from the Finfluencers project in Olhão, Portugal, was more than just a talk; it was a centre of financial enlightenment for the youth. It started as a spark of curiosity, encouraged active dialogue, and provided a glimpse into the diverse world of investments. With cryptocurrency as the star of the show and Ehsan Norouzi’s wisdom to guide them, participants left the event not only better informed but also inspired to embark on their own financial journeys.

These series of financial gatherings in Olhão were a testament to the power of knowledge-sharing and community engagement, offering hope for a future where better financial decisions thrive.


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