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Starting on the 1st of November 2021, the Finfluencers Project comes to a close, leaving behind a legacy of financial empowerment and knowledge.

This project, aimed at enhancing financial literacy among the younger generation (ages 19 to 29), has been an extraordinary undertaking that not only achieved its goals but also valuable lessons.

The project successfully increased awareness about financial literacy among the target age group. Through talks, online platforms, videos, websites and other engaging content, we reached and educated plenty of young adults.

Leveraging digital platforms, the project connected these youngsters with an online platform that displayed 5 modules full of financial terms and concepts.

The project empowered young adults to make informed financial decisions, whether it was budgeting, investing, or understanding loans. The Finfluencers fostered a sense of community among young adults interested in financial literacy. Peer support and shared experiences were key in building financial confidence, as witnessed in Olhão with the 3 talks we established among the youth.

The impact of financial literacy reaches beyond just managing money. It promotes financial security, independence, and a sense of control over one’s life. That was our purpose when targeting this group (19 to 29-year-olds).

Now, with the end of the project, we leave the know-how with the empowered young adults who have gained invaluable financial knowledge. It’s their responsibility to continue their journey, share their insights, and serve as role models in their community.

As we say our farewell to the Finfluencers project, we want to announce that our Finfluencers website and online platform still remain to be consulted and explored.

Our journey towards financial empowerment is far from over, and we’re committed to remaining on this path of discovery and transformation.

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