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The InterMEDs partners are happy to announce that Training/Methodological and Policy Adaptation Guide (Interactive eBook) The InterMEDs has been developed as one of the outputs of The InterMEDs – Fostering ‘Intercultural MEDiators’ as a practice for establishing communities coalition and mutual understanding” project.

About the project: The InterMEDs project has been built on the special training of members of both communities, either local ones, or migrant communities to be these InterMEDs – the individuals who will act as specific intermediators between the exchange of different cultures, with the key-skills of social responsibility and intercultural understanding and the skills to use all forms of promotion, such as arts, culture, media, training for the enhancement of respect, tolerance, cooperation and communities coalition.

The interactive eBook provides support to the educators to ensure maximization of the InterMEDs products, tools and materials. Specific guidelines were developed for the learner-based integration of the training in their normal activities.

The guide includes the usage principles for the curriculum and resources, the digital tools developed, pedagogical guidelines, collection of the case studies implementation, directions for the educators on how to create an adequate and appropriate learning environment for individuals. It is accessible fully in English, but also specific parts are available in partner languages, through the InterMEDs online platform.

The project includes 8 partners (PESHKAR, OTB EUROPE, PANTEION, CAMINOS, Mindshift, CSI, XPCSA, CID) from 6 countries (UK, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, and North Macedonia).

For more information, please refer to project, coordinator, and communication partner webpages:




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