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As part of the InterMEDs – Fostering ‘Intercultural MEDiators’ as a practice for establishing communities coalition and mutual understanding” project, OTB Europe, together with partners from the UK, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and North Macedonia are finalizing the Intellectual Output 1 of the project: Toolbox – Curriculum and Research.

This output is the core output of the project, unifying desk research, consultations, focus groups and presentation of different modules in a curriculum that would promote tolerance and respect. The curriculum is also adapted to practice intercultural understanding, cope with various situations, and lead conflicts towards final coalitions. It is constructed on a distinguishing methodology and instructional approaches based on our target groups. In this context, it will address, via a completely new methodology and structure, specific needs, profiles, characteristics and prior knowledge, providing the essential context for the effective training of the target groups.

The Curriculum will be composed of the following suggested modules/themes:

  1. cultural awareness and mediation
  2. intercultural capacity towards issues of discrimination and intolerance
  3. community understanding and cooperation
  4. guidance and mentoring skills
  5. human rights and coalition locality
  6. cultural reflection and positive exchange
  7. conflicts and resolutions
  8. exploitation of culture and arts ‘tanks’ from both communities, towards practical intercultural exchange.

All the parts of the curriculum are designed and prepared as online modules hosted on the InterMEDs platform.


The project is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

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