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We at Skills4Retail are excited to introduce our latest initiative – the Pledge for Retail Skills. This commitment is designed to spearhead the ‘Triple Transition’ of Green, Digital, and Resilience in the retail sector, aligning with our mission to reshape retail for a sustainable and digital future.

About the Pledge
The Pledge is a cornerstone of our ambitious Skills4Retail project, which aims to develop a new Retail Skills Strategy and VET Training Programme. This initiative will not only address the urgent and emerging skills needs in the areas of Digital, Green, and Resilience but will also focus on nurturing fresh talent through VET Schools and Higher Education, alongside reskilling the current workforce through innovative, work-based learning and modular courses.

 Why Join?
By joining the Pledge, your organization can:

  • Contribute to a groundbreaking project that’s set to transform the retail landscape in Europe.
  • Participate in the development and roll-out of cutting-edge training programs.
  • Offer placements for new talent, enriching your team with fresh ideas and skills.
  • Extend your network by collaborating with other industry leaders committed to this cause.

We are calling on retail organizations, educational institutions, and industry leaders to come together, pool our resources, and drive real change. This is your chance to be part of something bigger, to make a tangible impact on the future of retail.

 https://skills4retail.eu/pledge/ – Let’s work together to bridge the digital skills gap and ensure a sustainable future for retail in Europe.

Join the Pledge today!

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