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A delegation of Portuguese teachers, representing AEPRosa school in Faro, have recently participated in the Social Radio 2.0 training. During the training, the teachers immersed themselves in the world of podcasting and broadcasting, had the chance to meet like minded teachers from different countries and tried their hand at creating their own podcasts.

The training was implemented under the “Social Radio 2.0: The European School Radio and Podcasting Community for Active Citizenship Education” project, implemented jointly by partners from Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal. The training gathered 42 teachers from different backgrounds and with different specialisation, unified by their work in civic education and passion for radio. In continuation to the training, the teachers will be implementing the Social Radio 2.0 initiative in their own work from autumn 2022.


Social Radio 2.0: The European School Radio and Podcasting Community for Active Citizenship Education”, with partners from Poland, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Spain, is a two-year program funded by Erasmus +, which will upgrade the infrastructure and services of the European School Radio web portal and mobile application, while it highlights the importance of young people’s views on their own radio.

Students who will participate in Social Radio 2.0 will be positively impacted in different levels. This project will provide an exciting and engaging educational approach that will support students develop the necessary 21st century skills (i.e. digital and media literacy, problem solving and agency) that will transform them into active citizens and motivate them to discuss, reflect upon and advocate for community issues they care about. Within project activities and through radio broadcasts and podcasts, students will also be empowered to become changemakers, to do research on community problems and learn to collaborate with media and community actors.

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships in Higher Education of the European Commission.



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