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The presidents of the European Parliament, Council and Commission of the EU signed a joint declaration on the Conference on the Future of Europe. The ceremony was held on 10th March in the Parliament of Brussels’ plenary chamber.

The aim of the Conference on the Future of Europe is to give people a bigger role in shaping the EU’s future policies and ambitions. People will be able to take part in advance in debates across EU and express themselves through a multilingual digital platform. Such Conference events, be those physical gatherings or in digital settings, can be organised at different levels, including European, national, transnational and regional level and will involve civil society and stakeholders. Citizens’ participation in these events should aim at mirroring Europe’s diversity. A feedback mechanism will ensure that the ideas expressed during the Conference events result in concrete recommendations for EU action.

Parliament President, David Sassoli stated that the expectations of EU citizens are stronger than ever and that it is essential to continue to give Europe the right tools to respond, which demands for solidarity. He emphasized this as an opportunity to rediscover the soul of the European project and invited all European citizens to get involved and build the future of Europe together.

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa reflected that we do not all have the same vision for the future of Europe and that this is the reason why the conference will be a point in time for discussion and bringing together different visions. He pointed out that this is a way to overcome differences and strengthened what brings us together.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed that these times of crisis have shown strengths and weaknesses of Europe. She said that she anticipates the voices of European dissent in their full diversity – from young to old, city dwellers and rural residents, from Erasmus students to those who took to the streets – to demonstrate, as well as to hear from those who have their doubts if creating an ever closer union is the right road to take. According to the survey carried out at the end of 2020, 3/4 of Europeans believe that this act will have a positive impact on democracy in the EU. Just over half of Europeans (51%) would like to get involved themselves, while six out of ten Europeans agree that the Coronavirus crisis has made them reflect on the future of the European Union.

As one of the priorities of Out of the Box International is Alternative Democracies:  fostering and development of new inclusive democratic models increasing citizens’ participation and cross-sectorial cooperation, using technological solutions where possible, we salute this initiative looking forward to the future endeavors.

You can read the joint declaration on:


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