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On the 30th and 31st of May, Petra Patrimonia hosted the 2nd TPM of the YOU-SMILE project in Toulon, France. In this insightful meeting that gathered the partnership, WP3 was the main discussion of this partner’s gathering. All partners shared presentations about the findings of living labs performed in their countries (Slovenia, France, Austria and Portugal). The report on the competencies mapping was also approached in this meeting as a way to evaluate participants’ strengths and weaknesses and start to build the courses.

Detailed mapping was carried out of current competencies in the field of sustainable tourism services, entrepreneurship and business finance. It was insightful on the benchmark analysis, enabling comparisons, identifying needs, and providing a basis for study e-course and training development. All partners gathered their expertise in their field and their participation in the living labs and, having discussed and debated the best topics to build the learning units, the consortium came up with 30 learning units, merged into 3 topics (sustainable tourism services, finance, and youth entrepreneurship). The consortium expects a list of learning units and a definition of micro-credentials per training. The build-up of these courses will have a dynamic methodology and will be based on video lectures, podcasts and TikTok lectures, and will allow flexible learning (during working hours, breaks, lunch, free time).

WP4 – YOU SMILE co-creative e-course with micro-credentials, as mentioned previously, is dedicated to the development of the e-course and follow-up. The consortium took the time to discuss which learning units were more suitable to foster interest in the youngsters involved.

Work package 5 and the last one of the project – Stakeholders engagement, testing, learning and training activities – aims to present the YOU SMILE test version of the e-course and e-manual, developed materials, video lectures, and podcasts and to organize and conduct training to staff and the youth involved.

The meeting in Toulon created a safe space for partners to gather and discuss the outputs that are being created and the ones that are about to follow.

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