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We are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent Transnational Team Partners Meeting (TPM) about the SOCIAL RADIO 2.0 project that took place on the 23rd of June. This gathering in Faro, Portugal brought together our esteemed partners from across Europe to discuss essential project deliverables and envision the exciting future of our collaborative journey.

The TPM provided an excellent opportunity for all partners to strengthen their bonds and reinforce the spirit of collaboration. Despite the geographical distances that separate us, our shared dedication to the success of this project has fostered a strong and united transnational team.

During the Transnational Partners Meeting, one of the main focuses was on discussing the deliverables of our project. The partners engaged in fruitful discussions on various aspects, with a primary emphasis on dissemination events. These events played a pivotal role in spreading the knowledge and outcomes generated by our project to a wider audience.

Our goal with these dissemination events is to make a positive difference and help promote a comprehensive educational approach. This approach focuses on fostering citizenship education by integrating innovative teaching methods such as project-based and experiential learning, along with design thinking. Additionally, we emphasize the extensive use of new media and technology in schools and by teachers. The aim is to contribute to the advancement of education and support the development of engaged citizens.

One of the most beneficial aspects of our transnational partnership is the opportunity to learn from each other’s best practices.

The TPM also served as a platform to envision the future of our project. Partners passionately discussed their long-term visions, aspirations, and goals for the initiative. By aligning our visions, we have set the stage for continued success, while also ensuring that the project remains adaptable to emerging challenges and opportunities.

The meeting concluded with a collective reiteration of our commitment to making a lasting impact through this project. Every partner expressed their dedication to achieving the project’s objectives and contributing to positive change in our communities and beyond.


Thank you to all the partners who joined and actively participated in the TPM in Faro, Portugal, making it a resounding success. Your passion, expertise, and collaborative spirit are crucial to the progress of this project.

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